"If you can walk you can dance,

                if you can talk you can sing".


LCS Entertainment specialises in beginners, through to intermediates and advanced. From children to mature adults, wanting to start with the basics or to fine tune their skills.

At LCS Entertainment our motto is 'If you can talk, you can learn to sing', and with this we promise BIG results VERY QUICKLY! We recognise the hidden potential and the individuality in each student, and work on the strengths, weaknesses and the uniqueness that is the hidden artist in everybody.


During our classes, we assess your voice and where you are at. From there we either start from the very basics, or hone in on the areas in which your voice can improve. Using a mix of contemporary and classical techniques, from proper breathing and vocal placement, to nasal resonance and many more advanced techniques.

In the first half of the lesson we focus on warm ups and technique training, and the second half we workshop your repertoire, and have some fun!

After your lesson you will be sent 'Teachers Notes', which is the Teacher's feedback and pointers for the student to reference until the following lesson.


Lucas Smith


Vocal Teacher


My Daughter Saskia enjoyed her lessons with Lucas. He is a very good teacher - His passion and enthusiasm for music and singing are infectious. His ability to provide positive feedback as well as identify areas for development and express these in a manner that motivated Saskia to want engage, is​ a rare skill in teaching.

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Rachelle, Gold Coast

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